Weekly deals roundup: So many hot discounts on Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus stuff, so little time!

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s that time of the week again. The time to cast all your work (or homework) aside… for now, and try to find your zen in this chaos we call a modern life. We don’t know about you, but one of the best de-stressing plays in our book after a week of deadlines, business meetings, and answering emails is to put together our little lists of the top tech deals from around the web.

There are very few things more satisfying and relaxing than saving big bucks on some of the most popular gadgets in the world, and if that sounds like something that can make your weekend or even your next week sunnier, join us as we round up the greatest mobile device offers available today. Many of these will not last long, mind you, so be sure to make your decisions and your purchases ASAP!

Check out this week’s three best deals!

A smartwatch, a smartphone, and a tablet walk into a bar. You walk out with all three in your bag after paying a lot less than you might imagine. That doesn’t make any sense, we know, which is why you’ll probably never see us get into comedy. Instead, we’ll stick to our day job and strongly recommend you consider buying the deeply discounted Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Motorola Edge+ (2022), and OnePlus Pad right now.

As crazy as it sounds, you can purchase all three of those kick-ass devices for a grand total of less than $900. And the first-of-a-kind OnePlus Pad even comes with a complimentary stylus. And the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is made from premium titanium. And the 2022-released Motorola Edge Plus features a whopping 512 gigs of internal storage space. 

Don’t forget to hurry, though, as one or several of these headline-grabbing promotions could well expire before the weekend wraps up!

Here are five other smartphone steals to feast on!

Can the state-of-the-art Galaxy S24 Ultra really be called a steal… at its regular price? Technically not, but that $150 promotional credit thrown in by Amazon definitely sweetens this bad boy’s deal to the point of no resistance. You might not be able to resist buying the “vanilla” Galaxy S24 with a nice $100 gift included either, and the same goes for the similarly powerful but significantly cheaper OnePlus 12R.
Then you have the mid-range Motorola Edge (2023) and high-end Motorola Razr (2023) at prices that may no longer feel “special” while remaining pretty much impossible to beat. It looks like you’re facing a tough choice here, but it’s probably the good kind of tough where no matter what decision you end up making, you’ll almost surely be satisfied with your savings.

Tablet quality beats quantity

Are you uncertain if the OnePlus Pad is right for you? Then why not consider the compact iPad mini (2021) and the gargantuan Lenovo Tab Extreme as well before pulling the trigger? These two tablets couldn’t be any different, but at the same time, they’re both really, really good for two very different types of people. 

And yes, the Lenovo Tab Extreme may still feel… extremely expensive, but that’s because it has everything it needs to replace your traditional laptop. The sixth-gen iPad mini, meanwhile, doesn’t have anything… besides its beautiful little screen with minimal bezels and a generous 256 gigs of storage space. Sounds like another difficult decision to make.

Looking for a budget smartwatch? Here are your top three options!

The Garmin Forerunner 55 is truly affordable after a super-rare and super-limited discount, but it’s also pretty rudimentary compared to a Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch… which is why it offers stellar battery life. The same actually goes for the Forerunner 255 as well, which is a bit pricier and a bit fancier, looking like the best of both worlds.

What do you say about some discounted earbuds and headphones?

If you say “yay”, then we have four great deals for you to contemplate, but not for long. Best Buy’s monochromatic Galaxy Buds 2 discount, for one, is likely to go away very quickly, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see Amazon’s incredibly deep Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro price cut follow suit before long.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active, meanwhile, are definitely worth considering for their industry-leading durability, and last but not least, you have the confusingly named Bose QuietComfort to take into account if you’re more of an oversized, over-ear headphones person than a discreet, in-ear, true wireless earbuds type.

And let’s not forget about smart speakers!

While it may sometimes feel like we forget about this product category in our weekly deals roundups, it’s actually pretty rare to see more than a few Amazon Echoes sold at a cool discount by a major US retailer. But this week we’re in for a treat, as both Apple’s HomePod mini and HomePod 2 are available at really special prices, and if you’d rather get a speaker with a touchscreen also in tow, the 2023-released Echo Show 8 smart display just so happens to be heavily marked-down too.

If you’re familiar with these types of device, you probably already have a favorite voice assistant and “ecosystem”, which should make this final buying choice of the week feel pretty easy.

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