Apple’s surprisingly powerful HomePod mini is on sale at a sweet discount in all colorways

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan looking to complete your personal collection of Siri-powered devices with a smart speaker but can’t afford the full-sized HomePod 2, we have some delightful news to share with you today.

In addition to said second-gen HomePod beast, the first-of-a-kind HomePod mini is also on sale at a special price at Best Buy for an undoubtedly limited time. This is obviously a cheaper product than its big brother, normally fetching $99.99, which makes its $20 discount feel even more significant.

Released back in the fall of 2020, Apple’s most affordable (by far) speaker to date is naturally not getting any younger, but with no (credible) word of a sequel yet, it’s also not getting any less compelling. That’s because the audio performance is objectively better than the HomePod mini’s compact packaging might suggest, not exactly rivaling what Amazon’s high-end Echo Studio offers but probably beating the diminutive Echo Dot and Echo Pop in that crucial department.

Of course, a good smart speaker is about more than just playing music from your favorite streaming service, but the HomePod mini also does a more than adequate job of searching the web for answers to your voice queries, setting reminders, creating lists, sending messages, checking your room’s temperature, and even helping you control your entire smart home with little effort and no touching.

That explains how incredibly rare these deals still are after more than three years of commercial availability, and what’s even more special about Best Buy’s latest HomePod mini promotion is that you get complete freedom of choice on the chromatic front. That’s right, all five color options are being sold at $79.99 at the time of this writing, although that’s probably not going to be the case much longer. 

If history is any indication, the most popular hues will likely start going out of stock in a matter of hours, followed by… all the others before the week concludes.

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