Pixel 8a might be around the corner as Google announces I/O 2024 date

This year’s Google I/O conference will kick off on May 14, the company has announced. 

Google began teasing the developer conference earlier today with a Break the loop I/O puzzle with 15 levels, at the end of which, the I/O date is revealed. And while Google has revealed the answer now, the game remains available to play.

Moving on to more important stuff, while Google hasn’t exactly said what the conference will be about, since the company hopped on AI before it was cool, we can expect to hear more about the company’s work in the area.

We will probably also get to hear the company talk about Android 15, which is already in developer beta, during the two-day event. 
The company could also unveil the Pixel 8a during the conference. The phone’s existence was implicitly confirmed by the company when it confirmed a new feature coming to the phone. Leaks tell us that the phone will have a slightly rounder design and it could be more expensive than the Pixel 7a which costs $499.
The handset will likely not be joined by a foldable phone, unlike last year, as the Pixel Fold 2‘s release has apparently been delayed. No one is going to mind though, as Google’s decision to equip the phone with its latest chip is reportedly behind the delay.
A small group of people will get to attend the event in person, but everyone else will be able to participate virtually. In addition to keynotes, there will also be technical sessions and workshops. The main keynote will be delivered by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

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