Like other budget iPhone models, the iPhone SE 4 should lose value quickly

Based on the iPhone 14, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be a “budget” iPhone model unlike any other iPhone SE model ever released before. The iPhone SE 4 will feature Face ID instead of Touch ID making it the first SE model to offer the facial recognition feature to unlock the phone. A 6.1-inch OLED panel, the first found on an iPhone SE, will replace the 4.7-inch LCD display found on the iPhone SE 3. The display will have an old-school refresh rate of 60Hz.

The iPhone SE 4 will have a USB-C port, and the Action Button; this button allows users to choose from one of 10 actions that will be activated when the button is pressed. With the iPhone SE 4, the budget iPhone grows up.

One thing that iPhone SE buyers need to realize is that these phones depreciate faster than full-priced iPhone models. For example, the third-generation iPhone SE, released in March 2022, lost a whopping 42.6% of its value just one month post-launch. That compares to the 18.7% decline in value that the iPhone 13 suffered during the same time frame. After three months, the latter was able to see its value stabilize while the iPhone SE 3 continued to decline in value.
The iPhone SE 3 reportedly loses its value much quicker than the full-priced iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models. And the iPhone SE 4 might depreciate just as fast as previous SE versions because of the budget nature of the phone; the public tends to favor full-priced models packed with the latest technology.Consumers are concerned that their purchase of an iPhone SE model is a poor investment since devices using older technology tend to become obsolete faster.
The iPhone SE 4 could be powered by a 4nm Apple A16 Bionic application processor (AP) and come with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of native storage. A single 12MP rear-facing camera is expected to be mounted on the rear panel with a 12MP front-facing FaceTime camera included. iOS 18 should be pre-installed.

The iPhone SE 4 is not expected to be available until sometime in 2025.

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