Infographic: Samsung’s 25 years of wearable devices evolution

If we’re to talk about smartwatch history, we have to go back some 40 years to 1983, when the revolutionary Seiko Data-2000 digital watch was released. Believe it or not, this timepiece allowed users to store notes on its internal memory of up to 2000 characters. It needed a special keyboard attached to type the notes.Then, IBM and Microsoft entered the game with their own witty sci-fi watches.

Samsung entered the wearables game in 1999, and since, has been releasing quite the gadgets: you remember some of them very well, others – not at all, I’m sure.

There’s a wonderful Samsung infographic that starts with the world’s first watch phone in 1999 (the Samsung SPH-WP10) – it looks like a Digimon creature, right?.

Highlighting important milestones in the likes of notable devices and dates, Samsung’s infographic is presented in four categories: “Watch”, “Headset/earphone”, “Fitness tracker”, and “Ring”. The last category, of course, consists of a single device – the MWC-presented Galaxy Ring.

Here is the infographic:

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