Google’s trusty Pixel 6a is ultracheap for a limited time

If your budget is low but taste is high-end, Google’s awesome Pixel 6a is the perfect phone for you.
The Pixel 6a was one of the best mid-range phones when it came out and it continues to be the best cheap handset you can buy today. That’s because after releasing the Pixel 7a, Google lowered the price of the already affordable phone instead of discontinuing it. 

That might still not be cheap enough for you, which is why Amazon subsidiary Woot has made the Pixel 6a even cheaper.

The Pixel 6a has the same chic design as recent Pixel phones and has the same chip as the pricier Pixel 6.

You get a 6.1-inch OLED screen and the phone is compact and light, so it’s not heavy to hold like some flagship phones.

It’s powered by the home-brewed Tensor chip and since Google is in charge of both the chipset and software, the phone has a smoothness you won’t find on other Android phones.

The Pixel 6a‘s dual camera system takes pleasing photos with a reasonable amount of detail. You also get Pixel specials like Magic Eraser and Night Sight.

The phone will be supported until July 2027, which is another reason to go for it.

At launch, the Pixel 6a retailed for $449. After a year, Google reduced the price to $349. Woot is selling the phone for $269.99, meaning you can nab it for nearly half the price of the Pixel 7a, which costs $499.

Grab the phone if you want a flagship but don’t have flagship money. The Pixel 6a is one of the few phones on the market that are priced reasonably but are about as good as phones that are considerably more expensive.

The deal expires in nine days, assuming the stock lasts that long. Amazon is also offering a decent discount on the phone.

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