Google Lens update will save your searched images to access later

Google Lens, the visual search tool that is available as a standalone app and embedded into Google’s Pixel phones, is getting a major update. Soon, you’ll be able to save the images you analyze with Lens and easily revisit them whenever you’d like. This is a much-needed feature that users have been asking for.Previously, when you used Google Lens to search for information about an image, the image itself wasn’t saved. This meant you had to either take a separate photo with your camera app and then search with Lens or lose the visual content after your search was complete.

Now, as reported by 9to5Google, Google Lens can automatically save the images you search with it. You can always find them later by visiting From there, you can even re-download the images if you want to run another Lens search or use them for something else. This eliminates the issue of having to go through several steps to capture and then identify an image with Lens and makes it easier to reference past searches in the future.


This change applies specifically to searches done with Google Lens within the Google app. Images analyzed through the Google Photos integration or other Lens features, such as Circle to Search, won’t be saved in this history.

The new feature is optional and will need to be turned on manually by navigating to your Google account settings, which can be found at From there, enable the “Include Visual Search History” option under “Data & Privacy” > “Web & App Activity.”

The rollout of this new Visual Search History capability starts today and should reach all users within the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for a pop-up in Google Lens that will let you know when the feature is available for you.

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