Treat yourself to Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy A54 5G at a bargain price through Amazon’s deal

Are you looking for your next Android phone? If you have set your eyes on something from the mid-range segment, we suggest none other than one of the best mid-range phones, the Galaxy A54 5G. This bad boy can typically set you back some $450, but Amazon now gives you a chance to snag it at 17% off, which lands it under the $380 mark. While we’ve seen this bad boy at lower prices on shopping events and other occasions, Amazon’s offer isn’t actually half bad. After all, it’s not every day that you can get such an awesome mid-ranger at $75 off its price tag. By the way, we spotted the same discount on the Samsung phone over at Best Buy, so if that’s your retailer of choice, feel free to get your Galaxy straight from there.

Featuring a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rates, this bad boy gives you a smooth browsing and streaming experience. It has a higher display refresh rate than the Pixel 7a, for example, whose display frame rate refreshes at 90Hz. It also has a larger battery than Google’s mid-ranger (5,000mAh compared to 4,385mAh).

Providing a considerable upgrade on the performance front compared to its predecessor – the Galaxy A53 5G – this bad boy features Samsung’s proprietary Exynos 1380 chipset. This processor gives you 50% faster multi-core speeds, making it less sluggish than the A53. Still, you’ll probably notice some lag on the A54 5G, particularly when you multitask.

On the camera front, Samsung included a 50MP main sensor, complemented by a 12MP ultra-wide snapper and a 5MP macro camera, whereas on the front, you have a 32MP camera for selfies. Generally, the phone takes good photos, but colors are exaggerated in the default shooting mode.

Overall, the Galaxy A54 5G should be good enough to meet most Android users’ needs. It may stutter here and there but is overall a great mid-range device. And now that it’s available at lower-than-usual prices, it gives you way more bang for your buck, so don’t miss out.

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