Threads officially rolls out saved drafts and taking photos from inside the app

Following a two-week-long test, Threads by Instagram is now officially rolling out the ability for its users to save drafts of their posts. This is one of many features the app has been implementing back to back after testing for about two weeks with a select group of users.

The new feature allows users to save their posts as drafts and come back to them later, making it easier to plan and curate their content. To save a draft, simply swipe down or touch “Cancel,” then “Save draft” on a post you are currently composing. To revisit your draft at a later time, simply tap the compose icon. Additionally, you can long press the compose button to post something new without erasing your draft.Please be aware that at the moment, there is a restriction of one draft per user, and it is not possible to save a draft to a reply. So, you might want to save those long-winded replies in a note app before you discard your post.

In addition to drafts, Threads is also officially rolling out the ability to take a photo directly from within the app. You can accomplish this by tapping on the compose button, then tapping on the new camera icon. This is another feature that was actively being tested, and it has now become an official part of the app.

Threads by Instagram continues to listen to user feedback and make improvements based on their preferences. So far, it has been abundantly clear that Meta has made Thread’s commitment to enhancing the user experience a priority. I’m excited to see which feature gets rolled out next and how it gets implemented.

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