Pixel Watch 3 release date predictions and its pricing, features, and specs

The cover image shows the Pixel Watch 2

As we’re getting closer to the end of the first three months of 2024, let’s take a peek at what new gadgets we can look forward to this year. If you’re a fan of Google Pixel and curious about the next Pixel Watch, you’re in the right place. The third-generation Pixel Watch is expected to debut alongside the upcoming flagship Pixel 9 series in about six months. This year’s Pixel Watch 3 is rumored to bring some major upgrades compared to its predecessors. So, let’s jump into the rumors, leaks, and expectations surrounding this upcoming smartwatch. Stay tuned to this page as we gather all the available information about the Pixel Watch 3 in one place.

Pixel Watch 3 release date

Google released its first Pixel Watch alongside the Pixel 7 series in 2022, and the second generation made its debut with the Pixel 8 series last year. Given this pattern, it’s highly likely that we might see the third Pixel Watch in October this year, along with the upcoming Pixel 9 series.

In recent years, Google has tended to hold its announcement event in the first week of October. If this trend continues in 2024, we can expect another event kicking off the month. October is traditionally when the latest Android version is also unveiled, which means a plethora of exciting new software features and changes for all Android phone owners to look forward to, not just those with a Pixel device.

Take a look at the table below for a visual breakdown of when we can anticipate the arrival of the Pixel Watch 3.

* – probable dates

Pixel Watch 3 price

It’s a tad early to nail down an exact price, considering the release date is still months away, as indicated in the table above. However, if Google follows the pricing patterns of previous generations, we might anticipate the Pixel Watch 3 to be priced under $400. To be more precise, around $350 for the Wi-Fi-only version and approximately $399 for the Wi-Fi+LTE version.

Rumors are swirling about potential design changes and the introduction of more size options, which could influence pricing variations among different versions. To confirm these details, we’ll have to patiently wait for the official announcement or keep an eye out for more leaks in the coming months.

* – anticipated prices

Pixel Watch 3 design

When it comes to design, rumors suggest the Pixel Watch 3 is poised to introduce a welcome flexibility with two size options next fall. This departure from the single 41mm size of the Pixel Watch 2 and the first-gen Pixel Watch aligns Google with industry trends, mirroring the approach taken by competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Garmin.

The intriguing aspect will be whether Google maintains the 41mm case size or opts for a slight reduction for the smaller Pixel Watch 3 variant. Recent reports suggest that the smartwatch will be available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. However, as always, rumors are just rumors, and we won’t know for sure until we receive official confirmation.

In terms of design aesthetics, anticipate a continuation of the minimalist and elegant style reminiscent of its predecessor. It might be made out of aluminum, similar to its predecessor. Aluminum, while not as strong, is lighter, and even a few grams can make a difference on a watch.

Water resistance is likely to be a feature, matching the Pixel Watch 2‘s 5ATM rating—typical for premium smartwatches. To put it simply, the Google Pixel Watch 2 can be confidently used in a pool without concerns about water damage.

Pixel Watch 3 display

Information about the Pixel Watch 3 display is currently scarce. As mentioned earlier, with the possibility of different sizes for the watch, the display sizes might also vary. The Pixel Watch 3 could potentially adopt the same display as its predecessors, featuring a 1.2-inch AMOLED display with 320ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, and 1000 nits of brightness.

Keep an eye on this page for updates as we gather new leaks and rumors about the Pixel Watch 3 display.

Pixel Watch 3 battery

Similar to the display specs, information about the battery for the Pixel Watch 3 is currently unavailable. However, drawing from history, we might anticipate a 306mAh battery that can last around 24 hours per charge with the always-on display enabled.

In terms of charging, if past trends continue, the Pixel Watch 3 could achieve a 50% charge in 30 minutes or reach 80% in just 45 minutes. Just like with the Pixel Watch 2, we can expect the inclusion of the magnetic charging puck in the next generation, providing a secure hold for the watch during charging.

Pixel Watch 3 features and software

  • Based on Android 14: A departure from Wear OS 4’s reliance on Android 13 could mean improvements in performance, security, and compatibility with future Android features.
  • Focus on yearly updates: Aligning with a yearly update cycle similar to smartphones might keep Wear OS more competitive and up-to-date compared to its historical update pace.
  • Improved integration with Android and Google services: Anticipate tighter connections with notifications, messaging, Assistant functionality, and possibly cross-device features for controlling smart home devices from the watch.
  • Enhanced health and fitness features: Expect potential advancements in tracking workouts, sleep monitoring, and deeper integration with Google Fit.
  • Longer battery life: With battery optimization being a perpetual concern for smartwatches, Wear OS 5 could introduce features or tweaks to enhance battery performance.

Remember, this is speculative, and the actual features of Wear OS 5 will only be confirmed when officially announced by Google.

Should I wait for Pixel Watch 3?

  • You should wait for Pixel Watch 3 if you prefer a larger watch size, as it’s rumored to come in a bigger size compared to the Pixel Watch 1 and 2. Additionally, if your current smartwatch is outdated and lacks the latest features, the Pixel Watch 3, with its speculated Wear OS 5 and potential performance improvements, could be a worthwhile upgrade
  • You should not wait for Pixel Watch 3 if you’re happy with your current Pixel Watch and don’t need the rumored upgrades. Or if you need a smartwatch right away, you might be better off choosing between the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2, as the third generation is still months away.

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