iPad Pro (2024) colors: expectations

*Header image: the iPad Pro 11-inch from 2022

Apple seems to be gearing up for a quiet launch of new iPad Pro models, at least according to rumors. The last iPad Pro models were released back in 2022, so it’s definitely time to get new ones.

Leaks and rumors have been speaking about Apple‘s flagship tablet series for a while now, but things are still shrouded in mystery.

In this article, we’ll discuss the colors that we expect the new iPad Pro 2024 models to come in. There are no leaked colors or renders of the devices just yet, so we’re basing our expectations on previous iterations of the Pro-branded iPads.

This year, just as usual, we expect the new iPad Pros to be available in two sizes: 11-inch one and 12.9-inch (or slightly increased to 13-inch) one. The two models will most likely share the same colors, so we’re discussing them together in this article.

iPad Pro (2024) colors: what to expect

The iPad Pro series is usually more Pro-focused (surprise, surprise), so they rarely come in very colorful or fun options. Usually, Apple has them available in more business-like colors. The previous iPad Pros from 2022 come in just two colors: Silver and Space Gray.

We’re inclined to believe Apple will keep the same strategy when it comes to this year’s models as well. We expect a Silver color, which will be almost like white in certain lighting conditions, and the classic Space Gray color.

iPad Pro (2024) in Silver (expectations)

It’s reasonable to expect the iPad Pro (2024) to come in Silver. The Silver color is a light color that looks premium and stylish. It’s ideal for people who are sick of dark-looking tech and want something fresh to look at.

If the silver color on the new iPads is the same as the old ones, it will look like a light gray. The frame of the iPad will probably be painted in a similar hue for a seamless look.

iPad Pro (2024) in Space Gray (expectations)

As we already mentioned, Space Gray is a classic for iPads, be it a simple entry-level iPad or a beasty iPad Pro 12.9-inch. We expect Apple to have the Space Gray color option for the 2024 iPad Pros as well.

Space Gray offers a seamless and down-to-business kind of look for iPad Pro buyers. It’s not too in your face and a color that looks quite standard. The frame of the iPad is likely to be painted in the same color for cohesiveness.

iPad Pro (2024): are new colors expected?

So far, leaks and rumors have not mentioned new colors (or any specific colors) for the iPad Pro models. So, the possibility of Apple adding a couple of additional hues to the iPad Pro color palette still stands. Either Apple will decide Silver and Space Gray are enough color options for iPad Pro buyers, or it will decide to surprise us. If new leaks and rumors show up, we’ll update this article, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, share with us in the comments which iPad Pro color would you like to see!

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