Apple to add new accessibility features to the iPhone with iOS 18

We already know that iOS 18 is going to be one of the biggest updates in Apple’s history. New AI features including a revised Siri have many iPhone users looking forward to June when Apple previews iOS 18 during WWDC 2024. Other changes will be coming to the operating system’s accessibility features. These are features designed for those with “vision, mobility, hearing, speech, and cognitive needs” and can be found in the Accessibility app.
MacRumors spoke with industry sources who told them about some new accessibility features expected to be added to iOS 18. Traditionally, these are announced before WWDC which makes it quite possible that Apple is wrapping up the development of these new features now which could be why they have leaked at this point in time.
Voice Shortcuts would allow an iPhone user to connect a phrase to start a particular accessibility feature. Unlike Siri Shortcuts, no wake phrase, such as “Hey Siri,” would need to be spoken first. The rumor says that Voice Shortcuts would work with accessibility features such as VoiceOver, Voice Control, and others. The former reads the content on an iPhone while the latter allows you to vocal commands to “perform gestures, interact with screen elements, dictate and edit text, and more.”

Another change will have Apple adding font size control throughout the system. Currently, users can change the font size of an app but only if this is supported by the app, and some of Apple’s system apps do not offer such support; all of them will in iOS 18. The company also previously announced Personal Voice for Live Speech which uses AI to create a digital version of a user’s voice after running through 15 minutes of “training” with often-used phrases recorded. If someone has a disease that will cost them their speech, this feature will allow them to “talk” once he/she can no longer do so.

We should see iOS 18 released this coming September.

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