You may soon be able to install multiple apps at once from the Google Play Store

If you’re an Android user, chances are that at some point you have visited the Google Play Store with the intent to find and install new apps or existing app updates. However, if you have found yourself trying to install multiple apps at once, you’ve probably also noticed that they form a queue and download one after the other. Frustratingly, even with fast internet speeds like WiFi or 5G, you’ve been stuck waiting for downloads to finish one-by-one. However, according to TheSPAndroid, this may be about to change.

Years ago, a Reddit post hinted that Google might be experimenting with parallel app downloads (the ability to download multiple apps at once). This feature never really materialized and was forgotten, along with many other features that Google tests on a regular basis that never make it to stable releases.

Image Credit: TheSPAndroid

However, Google Play Store version 40.0.13 brings renewed hope, with experimental flags hinting at the long-awaited parallel download feature. While it’s still a work in progress, here’s what you need to know:

  • Parallel Downloads Work (Mostly): Initial tests show that you can indeed download multiple apps at the same time. Unfortunately, this functionality seems limited to installing new apps and might not work when updating existing apps through the “Manage apps & device” section.
  • Download Limits: As of now, Google seems to cap the number of simultaneous downloads at two by default. But tech-savvy users might be able to tweak settings for more parallel downloads.

This feature can be especially useful for users who frequently switch devices or like to explore new apps regularly. It remains to be seen if Google will expand this capability in the future to include updates as well. The potential for increased efficiency with parallel downloads is promising for Android users, and it will be interesting to see how Google continues to develop and enhance this feature in future updates. 

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