The Anker 548 Power Bank can be yours at its best price for a limited time through this Amazon deal

Do you experience regular power outages in your area and wish to get an additional power source? In that case, you might appreciate having a compact power bank to help you keep all your essentials charged. The Anker 548 Power Bank is one such item, and it’s now available at its best price ever at Amazon. At the time of writing, this item can be yours at an excellent 30% discount, though for a limited time. The Anker station is a relatively new addition to the brand’s ever-growing portfolio of power banks and portable stations released last year. Then again, it’s only now descending to such low prices. Even during the festive shopping month of November last year, we didn’t stumble across a more generous discount for this power bank with 60,000mAh capacity. 

Featuring four ports (two USB-A and two USB-C ports) and a solar input, this station doesn’t exactly give you blazing-fast charging speeds like the brand’s 737. The USB-C ports charge your devices at 60W and 27W speeds. Also, you get 80W maximum output when all four ports are connected, which may be a deal breaker for some users. If you’re one of them, we recommend opting for the Anker 737 power bank instead.

In case you’re wondering, this power bank can juice up a MacBook Air 2.9 times or charge your iPhone 14 Pro Max 7.4 times. If you only use the LED lamp, it’ll provide illumination for over 42 hours before the power bank needs to be recharged.

The 192Wh station features a retractable 3W LED lamp that can be adjusted in one of two positions. Combined with the SOS button below the LED screen, the lamp provides emergency lighting for all sorts of situations. Speaking of the screen, it’s a relatively basic display that shows you input and output and the remaining battery, but not much else.

Overall, the Anker 548 is an interesting power bank, which is available at its lowest price ever on Amazon. If you like what it has to offer, go ahead and get yours before the deal ends.

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