Samsung explains how its Galaxy ProVisual Engine helps you take better photos and videos

Samsung launched its Galaxy S24 series in January, starting the new year by firmly planting the S24 Ultra as the flagship to beat. In addition to its sleek design, the S24 Ultra boasts an impressive array of features, some of which include its advanced camera capabilities.

Today, Samsung took to its blog to highlight the same capabilities and features that set the Galaxy S24 Ultra apart from the rest. These are part of Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, a suite of AI-powered tools that aid both amateur and professional photographers and videographers alike in all stages of the creative process —from capturing the best shot or footage to editing it to get the most optimal result. While we have covered most of these features already, it is worth emphasizing once again how they can elevate your photography and videography.

Getting your best shot

Capturing the best shot possible is key in the creative process. While you can do a lot with post-processing, nothing beats having great lighting, the right framing, and an interesting story to tell. The Galaxy S24 Ultra can help with some of these by using its Quad Tele System, eliminating the need to switch between camera modes and therefore the risk of missing out on capturing the right shot at the right moment. Samsung promises that no matter which camera mode you use, you will still get the best quality shot at every zoom level between 2x and 10x, no matter your experience level.This extends to nighttime, where the S24 Ultra’s Nightography capabilities take over and use the device’s improved sensor to capture more details in low light. Since the sensor size has also increased—combined with enhanced AI, a faster shutter speed, and optical image stabilization in the telephoto camera—your images and videos have the potential to appear brighter and less noisy.

Galaxy AI even aids with the capture of RAW and HDR images to ensure optimal quality. Expert RAW uses AI to combine different resolutions (50 MP and 12 MP) of an image to improve noise and dynamic range. Combine that with HDR, and then we’re adding in more balanced brightness, color, and contrast to output an optimized and merged 24 MP image.

Images via Samsung

Post processing to the rescue

We all know that conditions are not always optimal for getting the best shot, and this is where “fixing it in post” can make a difference. Samsung can help with a variety of tools at your disposal when using the S24 Ultra.One of these, which has been extensively showcased, is Generative Edit, which uses AI to help you adjust objects in the image and artificially fill in the background so that it looks like the photo was taken that way. This is perfect for tasks like straightening the angle or resizing a photo after the fact.

However, if what you are seeking is a more comprehensive pro editing tool, Samsung’s got that too. Galaxy’s popular companion editing app, Enhance-X, has received a new feature that can help you tell the story you intended to, even if you weren’t able to properly capture it from the start.

Camera Shift lets you shift your photo’s perspective, giving you that last chance to adjust whether your photo was taken from above, below, or straight at the subject. It might seem like a small thing, but changing the angle slightly can mean the difference between making your subject appear smaller, more relatable, or bigger than life.

Images via Samsung

The enhanced Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which makes use of more than 400 million datasets, is what Samsung claims powers its ProVisual Engine. This is a lot of information going into a single image or video to make sure that the final result is as clear and detailed as possible. With this technology, Samsung aims to provide users with the tools to capture the perfect shot every time, no matter the conditions.

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