Yet another hot new Galaxy S24 deal lets you save up to $250 sans trade-in

If you’re not satisfied with slashing an unprecedented but admittedly modest 100 bucks off the Galaxy S24’s list price without jumping through any hoops whatsoever, you can obviously always trade in an “eligible” existing device and maximize your savings on your favorite member of Samsung‘s latest ultra-high-end handset family.

If that doesn’t scratch your itch for a super-premium Android-powered bargain right now for… obvious reasons either, you might be interested in a Best Buy deal that eliminates the trade-in condition while still asking one important thing of you.
Specifically, you’ll need to activate the technically unlocked 6.2-inch S24 on AT&T upfront in order to save as much as 250 bucks. That discount is only good with a new line of service or a new account altogether, while current AT&T subscribers looking for a simple and straightforward upgrade will have to make do with a $150 markdown.
Normally priced at $799.99 (in an entry-level 128GB storage configuration, of course), the non-Plus and non-Ultra Samsung Galaxy S24 can thus be yours for as little as 550 bucks at the time of this writing even if you don’t have something to trade in or you don’t want to ditch your existing smartphone in favor of a new one. 

Although bound to be found inconvenient by some buyers, the carrier activation requirement is really not as bad as it sounds, allowing you to move to a different operator of your choice shortly after making your initial purchase.

At $549.99, the Galaxy S24 is truly an unbeatable value proposition undeniably deserving of such a “compromise”, packing a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and being guaranteed to receive no less than seven major OS promotions in addition to seven years of regular security updates. The super-advanced AI skills baked into the device at launch, the solid battery life, and versatile triple rear-facing camera system make this undoubtedly one of the best Android phones out there today, especially at a $250 discount.

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