Besides Facebook and Instragram, the Google Play Store also went down today

Complaints about the Play Store being down came in from Android users in U.S. cities like Seattle to Android owners unable to search for any new apps in Southwest Brazil. One DownDetector subscriber wrote, “Play Store not searching for apps. Just keeps spinning and spinning. I guess it is playing with the spinning thing instead of doing its job at being a store.”
According to the Google Play Status Dashboard, an issue with the Play Integrity API started creating the issue at around 10:37 am ET and it ended at 11:40 am ET. The Play Integrity API helps app developers check to make sure that user actions and requests are coming from a legit Android user who has purchased or installed a developer’s app or game. It can also detect whether the Android user is using a tampered version of the developer’s app.

By the way, you might find it interesting to install the DownDetector app on your iPhone or Android handset. Personally, when there have been times when I couldn’t reach my kids on the phone, I open the app to see whether my carrier is down. If there is no issue, well then, I know it’s time to worry.

You can install the app on your iPhone by tapping on this link which will take you to the App Store. If you have an Android device, and the Google Play Store is up and running, you can click on this link to install the Android version of the DownDetector app.

It seems that we’ve all survived a day with Facebook, Instagram, and the Play Store all going down in the morning. What will happen next?

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