Yikes! Pixel 8a is rumored to be Google’s most expensive budget phone

Google’s Pixel a series devices soared in popularity due to the good balance of specs and price they offered. They have steadily been rising in price though and per a new rumor, another hike is on the cards for the Pixel 8a.
The Pixel 7a was a significant upgrade over the Pixel 6a and a higher 90Hz refresh rate, increased megapixel count, and wireless charging justified the price increase from $449 to $499.
WinFuture has learned from German retailers that in addition to a 128GB model, Google will also release a 256GB variant this year. The Pixel 7a starts at 499 euros (~$541.79) in the country but it is believed that its successor will cost more than 550 euros and its price could be as high as 569.90 euros (~$618.81). The 256GB model will apparently retail for 630 euros (~$683.99).

A direct currency conversion doesn’t accurately reflect the US price, but assuming the leak is legit, the price will be higher than $499. 

The outlet also says that the Pixel 8a will be available in four colors, including Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, and Mint.
The Pixel 8 is also $100 more expensive than the Pixel 7, but Google’s new flagship included improvements that made it easier to stomach the increase. The Pixel 8a is expected to have the same Tensor G3 as Google’s latest flagships under the hood and it will likely also inherit many of the pricier phones’ AI features that have made them one of the best phones of 2024. 

Like the Pixel 8, the Pixel 8a will likely also be supported for seven years, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

The device is also rumored to have a rounder design and prominent bezels. One report suggests it might feature new rear cameras as well as a bigger battery but we are a little skeptical of these claims. The phone will likely be announced in May during Google I/O.

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