By far the greatest ever Apple Watch Ultra 2 deal is here to save you $135 for an undoubtedly limited time

With an outstandingly robust construction, stellar battery life (at least by “mainstream” smartwatch standards), an extraordinarily bright and sharp display, a handy customizable Action button, perhaps even handier double tap gesture support, and a still-working blood oxygen sensor at major US retailers like Amazon, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is… objectively not worth $800.

But that’s where such third-party retailers come in, doing what Apple… is unwilling to do to make the price of this rugged wearable device a little easier to stomach. While it’s certainly not unusual to see various Ultra 2 models fetch 50 or 70 bucks less than usual, discounts of around $100 are definitely something special that happens extremely rarely and goes away very quickly.

And then you have today’s Amazon deal, which appears to be totally unprecedented and could therefore expire in a mere matter of hours or even minutes. If you hurry, you can slash no less than $135.01 off the $799 list price of a titanium-made Apple Watch Ultra 2 with an indigo Alpine loop in a medium size.

That’s a very specific and undeniably eye-catching model you can catch at a 17 percent discount, which may not sound massive but it does make an objectively great smartwatch feel like a greater than ever value proposition. While Amazon is selling other variants at reduced prices as well right now, this is by far the largest sum of money you can save on Apple’s second-gen rugged timepiece with standalone cellular connectivity.
Nowhere near as impressive as Garmin’s top-of-the-line rugged watches, for instance, in the battery life department, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 unquestionably shines as far as app support and general functionality are concerned. In terms of health monitoring, you also can’t do better than this bad boy, which is capable of measuring your blood oxygen levels while potentially saving your life with ECG technology, fall detection, crash detection, and irregular rhythm notifications.

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