Google begins rollout of March ’24 Pixel Feature Drop for Pixel phones, Watch, and Tablet

Google has just announced the new March 2024 feature drop for Pixel devices, bringing a variety of improvements to Pixel phones, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Tablet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable new features.
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Pixel phones get calling, social media, and AI features

  • Call Screen gets better: Call Screen will now provide users with a “hello” chip at the bottom to encourage callers to speak up after the call screening intro, saving you valuable time. This helps with callers who stay quiet because they are taken aback by the feature and are not sure what to do. This “hello” message will nudge them into saying something, however, if you are not able to tap on this chip, Google Assistant will also inform the caller that you’ll connect momentarily.
  • Instagram goes Ultra HDR: You will now be able to directly capture and share 10-bit HDR videos on Instagram Reels, allowing you to take advantage of the incredible color and contrast this format brings when sharing your content online. Samsung Galaxy devices added this feature in January, and now Pixel phones will have it too!
  • Circle to Search lands on Pixel 7: Previously exclusive to the Pixel 8 series, Circle to Search is expanding to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Circle to Search lets you highlight anything on your screen and get instant information from Search without having to switch apps.

The first-generation Pixel Watch gets some love

  • Track your fitness like a pro: The first-generation Pixel Watch is getting features borrowed from the Pixel Watch 2, including Pace Training, Heart Zone Training, and redesigned workout screens with larger text and brighter colors.
  • Relax after your workout: The Fitbit Relax app is coming to your original Pixel Watch, offering guided breathing exercises for those moments when you need a little more zen.
  • Auto workouts: The first-gen Pixel Watch will now be able to detect, auto-start, auto-stop, and auto-pause your workouts immediately based on your activity. This will work for limited exercises only, such as running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor biking, treadmill (auto-start only), and rowing.
  • Commuting made easy: Google Maps on your Pixel Watch will now give you public transit directions complete with real-time departure times.

Updates across the Pixel ecosystem

  • Share only what you want: App screen sharing will now give you more control. When sharing your phone’s screen when casting, presenting, or recording, you will now be able to choose whether you want to share only a specific app or the entire screen, as it has in the past. This new option will be available on the Pixel 5a (5G) and newer Pixel devices, including the Pixel Tablet and the Pixel Fold.
  • Easier Fast Pair: Google’s making it easier than ever to connect devices previously used with your Google account through the Connected Devices settings.
  • Google Docs gets handwritten annotations: When using Google Docs on a Pixel device, you will now be able to add handwritten notes and annotations using your fingers or stylus.
  • More screen space for your Pixel Tablet: Gboard’s new voice toolbar minimizes the keyboard when speaking, giving you maximum screen space on your Pixel Tablet.

These updates will begin to roll out to supported Pixel devices starting today and will continue throughout the next few weeks. Google’s feature drops are usually staged, so an exact date your device will receive it is hard to guess, but continue checking on the above features to arrive on your device soon.

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