The complete Lenovo Tab P12 kit drops to a new record low price through Lenovo’s Annual Sale event

Looking for a decent mid-range tablet with a keyboard and a pen? Well, recently launched its Annual Sales event, and guess what — the 2023-released Tab P12 is one of the discounted items. The Android 13 tablet sells along with two compatible accessories: the keyboard and the Lenovo Tab Pen Plus at killer prices. If you act quickly enough, you can get the complete kit for just $306 instead of $400, meaning you get to save $94 with your purchase. As far as we know, this particular bundle has never been available at lower prices at the official store. The last time we came across discounts for the complete kit was back in October when shoppers could save $80, which, as you can see, is much less attractive than the current deal. By the way, the Lenovo Tab P12 is also available at lower prices without the accessories, in case you won’t really need those.

Then again, given that the tablet alone sells for just $40 less than the complete kit, we’d say the price jump is undoubtedly worth it. With the pen, you can quickly edit or take notes, sketch, etc., and having a keyboard alongside your new tablet is just as convenient.

For a mid-ranger, this bad boy doesn’t disappoint at all, and it can even give some of the best budget tablets a run for their money. It features a 12.7-inch 3K screen, packs four JBL speakers for immersive video streaming or gaming, and comes with a MediaTek processor humming under the hood. Moreover, this version has 8GB RAM and 128GB of built-in storage. For a mid-range device, those aren’t bad specs at all.

Granted, this puppy might struggle with some more demanding apps, but it’s plenty good as an everyday source of entertainment. Once again, if you pull the trigger on Lenovo’s deal, you also receive both compatible accessories for even more convenience during use. 

So, why miss out? Get a kickstart to weekend entertainment with your new Lenovo Tab P12 kit, and score 24% in savings!

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