New report brings exciting news about two upcoming Google Pixel devices

Are you excited about the mid-range Pixel 8a handset Google is almost certainly preparing to unveil in just a few months? How about the already thoroughly leaked Pixel 9 and 9 Pro high-enders likely to keep Android purists waiting until fall for an official announcement of their own?

There’s also the Pixel Fold 2 to look forward to, but that still doesn’t cover every type of product the search giant is expected to release this year. That’s right, the Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel Buds Pro 2 are in the spotlight today, looking all but guaranteed for a launch by the end of 2024 despite a lot of question marks continuing to hover over their names.
What trusted insiders claim to know for sure is that Big G’s third-ever in-house smartwatch will come in 41 and 45mm sizes. That’s extremely similar to the release strategy adopted by the likes of Apple and Samsung for their new wearable devices year after year, but it would mark an important change from the single-size Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2.

Both those Wear OS-powered bad boys are designed exclusively with folks with small wrists in mind, featuring a 41mm case and no alternative whatsoever, which means that the Pixel Watch 3 should spread its wings to a significantly larger audience than its forerunners.

The two-size release strategy was rumored before, mind you, so you can view the new report as corroboration of the older one, as well as confirmation of the exact number the bigger variant is expected to carry. Of course, this inside information won’t be truly confirmed until Google comes out to… actually confirm it, and the same goes for the Pixel Buds Pro 2’s existence.

These could either be called that or simply the new Pixel Buds Pro, undoubtedly improving on an original 2022 edition in… unknown ways. 

Unlike the Pixel Watch 3, which is destined to see daylight in the fall alongside the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, there’s a very good chance Google’s next big AirPods Pro alternative will go official earlier than that, possibly together with the Pixel 8a and Pixel Fold 2 in May. That means a steady stream of leaks could arrive very soon, so stay tuned on our website if you’re planning to buy your next pair of top-notch wireless earbuds from Google.

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