The premium Beats Studio Pro are a once again under the spotlight on Amazon

In case you’re struggling to find a premium set of wireless Bluetooth headphones under $200, we might just be able to help you out. We found none other than the high-end Beats Studio Pro at deeply discounted prices over at Amazon. At $150 off across almost all available colors, these are once again a dream come true for (almost) every music fan. The $150 price cut is indeed quite generous, for it’s not something you can see on a daily basis. Granted, during the Black Friday frenzy, we witnessed even steeper discounts for the Beats Studio Pro. Then again, the event was a long time ago. Plus, let’s face it – the next Black Friday isn’t coming in over six months, so why not just treat yourself to these incredible headphones right now?

So far, these are the latest premium over-ear headphones by Beats, first hitting the shelves back in the summer of last year. They feature a premium design, Apple Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, and more.

As far as comfort is concerned, we should note that some of you might find them less comfortable than other Beats headphones on the market. That’s because these utilize smaller ear cups. However, if you don’t consider that would be an issue for you, these headphones are a solid option that should live up to almost every listener’s expectations.

With an MSRP of about $350, these high-end cans deliver rich and immersive 360-degree sound for a next-level audio experience. They rely on Apple’s Spatial Audio technology with dynamic head tracking to add depth to your favorite jams, allowing you to hear the sound from all directions.

Like almost all other premium wireless headphones on the market, these also utilize ANC with Transparency mode, allowing you to hear what you want and nothing but. If you tend to spend a lot of time talking on the phone, you’d appreciate the voice-targeting mics integrated into the Studio Pro. They filter out background noise for clear and crisp call performance.

A unique feature here is the USB-C Digital-to-Analog (DAC) converter. It provides lossless audio via wired USB-C, something that’s missing from all other Apple headphones. The Studio Pro additionally provide up to 40 hours of listening time and support fast charging. It gives you up to four hours of juice from a 10-minute charge.

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