The latest iPad Pro is going to hurt your wallet a lot less after huge discount

Let’s be real. Buying something with your own money is not as fun as having your parents buy it for you. Many of us are past that age though and even if you have made it big in life, it’s hard not to appreciate a deal as good as the one Best Buy is running on the 11-inch iPad Pro.

If you are shopping for a tablet and want something speedy and reliable, the iPad Pro is one of your best options. The 2022 models run on the Apple M2 chipset, which is the fastest chip that has ever been put inside of a slate.

The chip alone makes the iPad Pro a practical choice for anyone who intends to use their tablet as a productivity machine. It has enough processing power for handling intense tasks like coding and photo and video editing, as well as gaming.

Best Buy is selling the 11-inch M2 model with 2TB of storage and 5G for $1,784.99 instead of $2,099, making it possible for you to save $314 on the device.

If you only need a tablet for web browsing and using social media apps, you will probably be better off with a cheaper tablet. But if you need a portable device that can replace your laptop, this deal is worth considering. 
Since this variant has 5G, it’s also ideal for working on the go. Apple supports its tablets for five to seven years, so you’ll be keeping this device for a long time. That’s why, the 2TB model makes sense, as you’ll have plenty of storage for storing all your files and apps.

iPad OS is a smoother operating system than the platforms running on other tablets, which is another reason to go for it. Everything is also well optimized, as developers are more interested in creating apps for iPads than for other tablets. 

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