Leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 renders hint at one big change… and little else

Whether Samsung will roll out a super-premium Galaxy Z Fold 6¬†Ultra or a budget-friendly FE variant together with the “standard” Z Fold 6 edition in the summer, these book-style foldable devices are all but guaranteed to be joined to market by a single Galaxy Z Flip 6 clamshell.

No screen size changes but the extra thickness is good news

We know, we know, you like your phone as slender as possible, but at the same time, you hate having to hug a wall every early morning or carry a portable charger with you at work to get through a normal day of usage.
The Galaxy Z Flip 6 looks like it could very well strike a nearly perfect balance between top-notch maneuverability and stellar battery life, purportedly measuring 165mm in height, 71.7mm in width, and 7.4mm in depth when unfolded.
That’s an ever-so-slightly shorter and narrower body than that of last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 5, but it also marks an important increase of exactly half a millimeter in thickness. That arguably doesn’t make the next-gen Android-powered clamshell look excessively chunky, but it should allow Samsung to enhance the battery capacity from 3,700 to around 4,000mAh.

Unfortunately, these freshly leaked renders go directly against all those previous rumors calling for various screen size hikes. That’s right, the Z Flip 6 is now expected to retain its predecessor’s 6.7-inch primary display and 3.4-inch cover panel, both of which are also likely to go unchanged as far as resolution, refresh rate, and peak brightness are concerned.

Pretty much everything else about the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6 looks awfully familiar as well, from the two rear-facing cameras to the single centered hole punch-housed selfie shooter, the side-mounted power button doubling as a good old fashioned fingerprint scanner, the curved corners, the large Samsung logo placed on the phone’s hinge, and just the general aesthetic and design language of this bad boy.

Granted, there are a few things that evade the eye, remaining under wraps for the time being, like the folded dimensions, product weight, and perhaps most importantly, the hinge’s durability and overall build quality, but right now, we must say the Z Flip 6 strikes us as a decidedly unremarkable upgrade over an admittedly great 2023 foldable.

Other expected specs and price points

One upgrade that’s likely to make a world of difference for Z Flip 5 owners interested in a quick switch to Samsung’s next big flip phone is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy processor, which will undoubtedly power the Z Fold 6 in addition to the Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy S24 family.


While the Z Flip 6‘s storage and memory configurations are far from etched in stone at the moment, we feel relatively confident in predicting the entry-level variant will cost $999 stateside, just as the most affordable Z Flip 5 model does today.

Of course, that’s mere speculation on our part based largely on the expectation that not a lot will change, at least on the surface. Those two rear-facing cameras, in case you’re wondering, are still tipped to offer modest 12MP resolution, the 25W charging support is unlikely to be meaningfully upgraded, but the addition of the S24 family’s AI skills and the aforementioned processing power and battery size improvements could make the Galaxy Z Flip 6 a hit in a fast-growing market segment comfortably dominated by none other than Samsung.

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