Oppo confirms next Find flagship series is coming to Europe

Oppo is returning to Europe, company executives confirmed during MWC 2024. The maker will launch the next Find flagship series in all countries where Oppo was previously present.

Another major announcement from the company was a 3-year partnership with the Spanish-based Telefonica group, which will help Oppo’s return to Europe.

Oppo confirms next Find flagship is coming to Europe

Sadly, the exact wording “upcoming gen of Find series” means the Find X7 Ultra is not coming to Europe – fans will have to wait for the Find X8 series and/or the Find N4 foldables. The Oppo Reno phones should also make a return over the course of 2024, offering more decent midrange-to-premium options to European customers.

The Telefonica partnership means Oppo will start selling its devices through carriers in at least four countries. Spain is obviously the first, but Telefonica also operates in Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Oppo stopped selling its products in Europe after a legal dispute over 5G patents with Nokia. Both parties signed a multi-year cross-license agreement last month, opening the door for Oppo to reenter Europe.

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