Oppo and vivo to give up on foldables while Huawei works on a 10-inch tri-folding device

According to a very sketchy sounding rumor, Oppo and vivo are ready to call it quits on foldables. This presumably includes OnePlus as well, since the OnePlus Open is basically the international version of Oppo’s Find N3.

The reason for this decision by these brands is allegedly that their foldable market share fell “significantly” last year. So they will at some undetailed point exit the stage and let Samsung and Huawei have all the fun.

Oppo Find N3
Oppo Find N3

Huawei is said to launch a 10-inch double-folding (or should that be tri-fold?) smartphone, which will target the tablet market. Think of a Z shape and you’re there. Or a foldable with two hinges. Apparently the goal is for this product to arrive before the end of June.

Samsung, in the meantime, has allegedly completed the development of a rollable display, and “market expectations” for the launch of a rollable smartphone are growing, so it might just end up doing that at some future point. Samsung could also just go the tri-fold route like Huawei.

That is, of course, if any of this should be taken seriously. Only time will tell.

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