Teardowns give us a look inside the Apple Vision Pro

It was about time for the Apple Vision Pro disassemblies to arrive. The two videos below are from JerryRigEverything and iFixit and end up at the same goal – opening up the Vision Pro and disassembling it in individual parts – but the way to getting there is contrasting.

It should come as no surprise that the Vision Pro isn’t easy to open up and repair. First, detach the power cable (twist and turn), then the knit band (there are pull tabs), the magnetically attached face cushion, and the light seal. The speaker stems are removed with a SIM eject tool. There are no visible screws, and the front “glass” lens is covered with a plastic element (there is glass underneath). You need to apply heat and pry the front cover off with a pry tool.

Inside is the display that projects fake human eyes. It’s covered in lenticular lenses (like the ones on the 3D postcards) so that it simulates a 3D effect.

Further inside, we get a look at the camera array, the dual displays, their convex lenses, the dual motherboards, and so on. Check the videos out, they’re really interesting.

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