Weekly poll results: the Honor Magic V2 is too pricey

The Honor Magic V2 may have taken its sweet time before it launched in Europe, but that is not the biggest issue with the phone – last week’s poll indicates that the high price is what will keep most people away.

One in three voters picked that option. Foldables are expensive, sure, but £1,700/€2,000 is way too much for the V2 to have broad appeal.

Maybe the Magic foldable didn’t come too late in terms of having outdated hardware (only 11% picked that option), but it did arrive too late in the sense that other foldables are already on sale in Europe and they cost less. They are not as thin as the Magic V2, but they are a few hundred euros cheaper.

Weekly poll results: the Honor Magic V2 is too pricey

There’s the other thing too, 12% of voters are biding their time, waiting to see what new foldables will be released – the Magic V2 is a 2023 design, while things like the Galaxy Z Fold6 are around six months away (and rumors have already started).

Will Samsung really make a cheaper Z Fold6? We don’t know, but the Z Fold5 can be found for under €1,300 these days. Either way, the ball is in Honor’s court.

Later this month the company will bring the Honor V2 RSR to the MWC, though this Porsche Design phone will do little for those asking for a lower price.

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