Weekly poll: Realme 12 Pro and 12 Pro+ pre-bookings are almost over, who is getting one?

The Realme 12 Pro duo was announced earlier this week and the company is currently taking in pre-bookings with an ₹2,000 discount. The pre-booking period ends on February 5 (Monday), so let’s take a vote on who is buying one.

Realme 12 Pro
Realme 12 Pro

Realme 12 Pro

We will start with the Realme 12 Pro as this generation is much more viable than the 11 Pro, which bet it all on a 100MP camera – it didn’t have an ultra wide and zooming was achieved only by the high resolution main camera. The 12 Pro is different, it drops to a 50MP main (1/2.0”) but adds a 32MP 2x tele and 8MP ultra wide cameras (112°).

Realme 12 Pro highlights
Realme 12 Pro highlights

The rest is more or less the same as before with a 6.7” 120Hz 10-bit FHD+ display and a 5,000mAh battery with 67W charging (1-50% in 19 minutes). Some things did change, e.g. using a Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 instead of a Dimensity 7050. Also note that the 12 Pro generation has IP65 dust and water resistance ranting – it could have been IP67, but the 11 Pro pair didn’t have any rating, so we’ll take it.

The Realme 12 Pro starts at ₹26,000 for the 8/128GB variant and the 8/256GB one is just ₹1,000 more.

The Realme 12 Pro+ is a better phone than its predecessor too. Yes, the camera is upgraded – the loss of the 200MP 1/1.4” main sensor (replaced by a 50MP 1/1.56” one) is compensated by the addition of a 64MP 3x periscope. The 11 Pro+ offered great 2x and acceptable 4x zoom, but the new dedicated camera will offer better range and higher quality above 2x.

Realme 12 Pro+ highlights
Realme 12 Pro+ highlights

The other major upgrade on the 12 Pro+ is that it is more powerful than the 12 Pro with a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2. The 11 Pro and 11 Pro+ were both powered by the Dimensity 7050. The 12 Pro+ took a hit on charging speed, however, as the 5,000mAh battery now maxes out at 67W. It does 1-50% in 19 minutes and 100% in 48 minutes (claimed by Realme) compared to 1-63% in 15 minutes and 100% in 28 minutes (tested by us). It’s a downgrade, certainly, but perhaps you don’t care about 100W charging anyway.

Realme 12 Pro+
Realme 12 Pro+

Realme 12 Pro+

The Realme 12 Pro+ starts at slightly above the 12 Pro with an 8/128GB unit going for ₹30,00 and the 8/256GB upgrade being pricier at ₹2,000 more. There’s also a 12/256GB option for ₹34,000.

Let’s look at some competition. The vivo V29 (8/128GB) goes for ₹33,000. It uses the older Snapdragon 778G, but has a higher resolution 6.78” 1,260 x 2,800px display (vs. FHD+). The rear camera has a 50MP main (1/1.56”) and 8MP ultra wide (no tele), but the front-facing camera is special with a 50MP sensor. The 4,600mAh battery is smaller and a bit faster at 80W (1-50% in 17 minutes).

You can go a bit cheaper with the vivo V29e for ₹27,000 (8/128GB). This one drops down to an FHD+ display (still a 6.78” 10-bit 120Hz panel) and a 64MP main camera, but does keep the 50MP selfie. The chipset and battery are downgraded to Snapdragon 695 and 5,000mAh/44W, respectively.

The Redmi Note 13 Pro+ has 8/256GB as its base configuration and right now that costs ₹32,000. This phone runs on the Dimensity 7200 Ultra and has a 6.67” 1,220 x 2,712px display (12-bit, 120Hz). There’s no dedicated telephoto, instead you get a 200MP 1/1.4” sensor, similar to the Realme 11 Pro+. The 5,000mAh battery supports 120W charging and is full at the 19 minute mark.

The cheaper option is the Realme Note 13 Pro, ₹26,000 for an 8/128GB phone. This one has the same Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset as the Realme 12 Pro+ and gets to keep the 200MP camera of its sibling above. Charging is dialed down to 67W, but it still outpaces the Realmes (by a fraction) as it gets to 50% in 17 minutes and 100% in 44 minutes.

vivo V29
vivo V29e (India)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro

vivo V29 • vivo V29e (India) • Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ • Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro

Even the 8/128GB OnePlus 12R is ₹40,000, so it might be out of your budget. If you can swing it, you will enjoy a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and a 6.78” LTPO display (1,264 x 2,780px), plus a 100W battery with 100W charging (1-100% in 26 minutes).

The OnePlus Nord 3 is a more direct competitor, costing ₹29,000 for the 8/128GB model. This one also has a flagship chipset, though an old one – the Dimensity 9000. It also has a 6.74” 1,240 x 2,772px display, 50+8+2MP camera and a 5,000mAh battery with 80W charging.

The Poco F5 (₹30,000 for an 8/256GB unit) gets the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2, which is a faster version of the 7s. It has a 6.67” 12-bit 120Hz display with FHD+ resolution, but the camera is pretty basic with a 64MP main (a small 1/2.0” sensor) and an 8MP ultra wide. Charging the 5,000mAh battery to full takes 46 minutes.

OnePlus 12R
OnePlus Nord 3
Xiaomi Poco F5

OnePlus 12R • OnePlus Nord 3 • Xiaomi Poco F5

Time to vote – would you pick up the Realme 12 Pro?

How about the Realme 12 Pro+?

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