Samsung Galaxy S24 generation hits record pre-orders in the Netherlands

The Galaxy S24 generation has been breaking pre-order records left and right. Almost 1.2 million devices were pre-sold in the first week in Korea, surpassing the 1.2 million of the S23 generation. In India, 250,000 pre-bookings were ranked up in just three days while the same number was secured over three weeks for the S23 family.

Samsung Galaxy S24 generation hits record pre-orders in the Netherlands

While we are sure that more countries could report similarly strong sales figures for S24 devices, we can now at least confidently add the Netherlands to the list. Apparently, the S24 family sees a 50% increase in pre-orders compared to the S23 within the country.

Samsung Netherlands Marketing Manager Gerben van Walt Meijer gave some statements on the matter, attributing the pre-order success to AI features.

Galaxy AI transforms our connection to the world […]. Our users’ enthusiasm for these new capabilities is reflected in the early sales figures, which are breaking all previous records.

If you are not familiar with Galaxy AI, it is a major highlight of the Galaxy S24 family. It includes features like a new Writing assistant with spelling and grammar, chat translation and writing style modification. The phones can also do live translation in calls or in-person conversations, summarize notes and web pages, and even transcribe voice recordings. Of course, there is also Google’s spotlight Circle to Search feature which could remain exclusive to Google Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 devices for quite some time.

You can read all about the new Galaxy AI in our dedicated review article or watch our detailed video on One UI 6.1.


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