Codename for Samsung’s rumored affordable foldable leaks

Rumors about a more affordable Galaxy Fold have been going on for years, ever since the launch of the original Galaxy Fold back in 2019 and it seems that 2024 may bring the long-expected lower-priced Galaxy Fold device.

A new story from WinFuture details import/export documents confirming limited components production quantities for a trio of devices – codenamed Q6, B6 and Q6A. The first two are believed to be the Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 while the third one is expected to be the lower-cost alternative Z Fold6.

Codename for Samsung’s rumored affordable foldable leaks

There are no real specs or other data available at the moment besides the codenames but given that last year’s Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 were codenamed Q5 and B5, it’s safe to assume that the Q6A is indeed the long-rumored cheaper Z Fold we’ve been hearing about for all these years.

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