Take a look at Samsung’s official promo videos for the Galaxy S24 family

Samsung made the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra official a few hours ago, and we already gave you our first thoughts in our hands-on review.

In the meantime, the Korean company has uploaded a bunch of promo videos for the trio on its official YouTube channel, so let’s take a look at these together. First off, an official unboxing.

Next up, let’s turn to Samsung’s official introduction film for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, its latest flagship device.

There’s an additional official S24 Ultra film, which focuses on Nightography Zoom:

To continue the camera theme, here’s one that’s all about “The wonder of camera innovation”:

Want to see something filmed with the Galaxy S24 Ultra? Then join Emma Myers in Seoul:

How about that Circle to Search feature? It’s explained in not one, but two separate videos. Here’s the short version:

And here’s the longer one, going into more detail:

And another one that tells you how to use Live Translate:

We’re in the final stretch now. Here’s a video about Samsung Health:

And one about the all-new Quick Share, which is developed by Google in cooperation with Samsung and replaces both Samsung’s old Quick Share, as well as Google’s Nearby Share:

To end, let’s find out what “Galaxy believes” is “the next big thing”. We’re not told who this Galaxy is, or why a brand would have thoughts like these, but in this new AI world anything is possible, we presume. Anyway, spoiler alert (and, more importantly, cringe alert)! The next big thing is… you. Yes, you. Yay.

If you’re interested in Samsung’s newly announced devices, we have a very detailed pricing breakdown too.

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