OnePlus Nord N30 SE shows up at Geekbench with Dimensity 6020

The OnePlus Nord N30 SE may not be what we thought at first – based on its model number ‘CPH2605’, early reports claimed that this will be a rebranded OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite, which itself was a small upgrade over the original Nord N30. But now we have seen test results from the SE in the Geekbench database and we noticed a couple of major changes.

The CPH2605 that completed the test was powered by a MediaTek 6020. A quick peek at the specs reveals that the Nord 3 CE Lite and Nord N30 both use the Snapdragon 695.

The other thing is the RAM – the Nord N30 SE seems to only have 4GB, at least in this configuration. The other two models both have 8GB as standard. The MediaTek 6020 is slightly slower than the Snapdragon 695, so this tracks.

Geekbench scorecard from the OnePlus CPH2605 (allegedly the OnePlus Nord N30 SE)

Geekbench scorecard from the OnePlus CPH2605 (allegedly the OnePlus Nord N30 SE)

Looking back at the previous generation – the Nord N20 5G and Nord N20 SE – it is clear that the SE is meant to be a lower end model. That SE didn’t even have 5G connectivity (Helio G35 chipset), but this one will. There were other downgrades like the RAM, but also in the display and camera specs.

Based on an early listing by the TDRA, the phone will have a 4,880mAh battery (that should be 5,000mAh typical) and 33W fast charging. Its two siblings have 5,000mAh batteries with 67W charging for the Nord 3 CE Lite and 50W for the N30.

Also, notice that the OS version is listed as Android 13. That is not too surprising for a relatively cheap device. How cheap is to be determined – the Nord N30 launched at USD 300/CAD 380, the N30 SE will be less than that.

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