TCL brings 7-strong 50 series of smartphones, including two with NxtPaper displays

TCL introduced its new 50 series of smartphones today at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The lineup consists of seven devices, five of them heading to the US market. Two of those will come with Nxtpaper display, which we already saw in the TCL 40 Nxtpaper 5G. The company did not reveal the full specs sheets of the devices, only a limited set of features, but it did confirm they will all have dual speakers.

Here’s the full list of TCL 50 series phone that will hit the market this year:

  • TCL 50 SE
  • TCL 50 5G
  • TCL 50 XE 5G
  • TCL 50 XE NxtPaper 5G
  • TCL 50 XL 5G
  • TCL 50 XL NxtPaper 5G
  • TCL 50 LE

TCL brings 7-strong 50 series of smartphones but details are limited

The TCL 50 XL 5G will have a 6.8” Full HD+ screen with 120 Hz screen refresh rate. The TCL 50 XE 5G has a smaller 6.6” panel with HD+ resolution and 90 Hz display.

Both phones have 50 MP main cameras, 4 GB RAM and a 5,010 mAh battery. We also know the XE version comes with 128 GB storage.

The 50 XL NxtPaper and 50 XE NxtPaper are essentially the same phone, but pack the company’s reflection-free panels that are easy on the eyes. They will be the first phones with such a display in the US market as the TCL 40 NxtPaper was only available in Europe.

TCL 50 XL NxtPaper 5G
TCL 50 XE NxtPaper 5G

TCL 50 XL NxtPaper 5G • TCL 50 XE NxtPaper 5G • TCL 50 LE

TCL 50 LE has the same 6.6” HD+ panel with 90 Hz refresh rate as the XE but only two cameras on the back, the main one packing a 13 MP sensor. Battery capacity is 4,000 mAh, while RAM is 4 GB, combined with 64 GB storage. The phone is said to be a reliable, high-performing device on the go, but it is clearly the most affordable of all.

We should get more specifications for the phones in the following weeks with a detailed breakdown most likely taking place at MWC 2024 in Barcelona at the end of next month.


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