Check out the evolution of mobile phone cameras in our latest video

As we enter the new year, we’ve got some fresh ideas to spice up our YouTube channel. While we love reviewing the very latest smartphones, it’s good to take a look back now and then to see just how far things have come. That was the idea behind our latest video project which details the evolution of camera phones. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the 40 most influential camera phones over the last 25 years in a fun 15-minute video.

Check out the evolution of mobile phone cameras in our latest video

There’s a lot to go over from the turn of the millennium and the humble Kyocera VP-210 to the ongoing megapixel war, evergrowing imaging sensors, advancements in lenses, and computational photography we take for granted these days. The sensors on the back of our phones have become arguably the most important aspects of our phones – they preserve precious memories and are a key factor in dictating what phones we end up buying. That’s it from our side, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

We’d like to ask you for feedback on this first video which could potentially turn into a series that journeys through the evolution of mobile technology. So as always feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below.

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