Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+ to be cheaper in EU; North America really coming with SD8 Gen 3

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra on January 17 with a similar design but improved chipset performance, leaks revealed earlier this month.

The latest report from the Netherlands revealed the S24 and S24+ will be slightly cheaper. At the same time, an allegedly leaked specs sheet suggested the two non-Ultra flagships will come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 only in the US and Canada, all the other markets are getting the Exynos 2400 treatment.

Samsung Galaxy S24,S24+ to be cheaper in EU; North America really coming with SD8 Gen 3

The image above could be a presentation slide prepared by Samsung’s marketing department for salespeople handling the devices; it could very well be fabricated by a well-wishing fan who just wrapped all the existing leaks in one image and gave it a Samsung font for a legit look.

Going back to the prices, the Galaxy S24 and S24+ might be a tad cheaper than the S23’s price at launch, but the pricing of the Ultra will remain relatively the same. There could be slight deviations from one EU country to another, depending on currency exchange rates, local regulations and sales campaigns.

Memory Galaxy S24 Galaxy S23
128 GB €899 €950
256 GB €959 €1,010

Galaxy S24+ Galaxy S23+
256 GB €1,149 €1,200
512 GB €1,269 €1,320

Galaxy S24 Ultra Galaxy S23 Ultra
256 GB €1,449 €1,400
512 GB €1,569 €1,580
1 TB €1,809 €1,820

The Galaxy Unpacked event next month is also expected to be the landing stage for One UI 6.1. The interface should come out of the box with the Galaxy S24 trio, with AI features for battery protection and clearer calls with real-life transcriptions.

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