MEXC CEO Deletes X (Twitter) Account? Crypto Exchange Clears The Air

The MEXC crypto exchange has been under the microscope recently after multiple complaints emerged on X (formerly Twitter) that the platform had been illegally withholding user funds. These claims have since snowballed into speculations that the crypto exchange is illiquid and is holding user funds as a result.

User Claims MEXC CEO Deleted X (Twitter) Account

Amid the fray, another claim emerged that the MEXC CEO had deleted their X (formerly Twitter) account. The post made by X user who goes by Crypto Crib carried with it a screenshot that showed the no longer existing handle of @MEXC_CEO.

The tweet which has been viewed almost 50,000 times since it was posted caused a stir in the crypto community, further aggravating the situation. Given this, the official MEXC account took to the platform to clarify the story behind the deactivated account.

In an initial response to the X user, the exchange explained that the account did not and never belonged to its CEO. Rather, it explained that the account shared in the post was not related to the exchange. “MEXC never has an official CEO account. The captured account is a fake account that has been disabled by X,” the exchange stated.

Crypto total market cap chart from (MEXC exchange CEO)

Total market cap at $1.623 trillion | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on

Crypto Exchange Takes Steps To Clear Its Name

Despite the initial response, MEXC was unable to completely allay the fears of users, especially as users took to X to share that the deleted account had actually been involved with the exchange at some point. In a subsequent post, the exchange agreed that this was actually the case. But further clarified the timeline of events and why the exchange is no longer related to the exchange.

Apparently, the @MEXC_CEO account had actually belonged to the exchange’s CEO at one point, but that was back in 2021. The post revealed that the CEO had eventually exited the crypto exchange in 2022, and since the account was not widely known, they did not clarify the exit.

“MEXC did not make a specific announcement (this is the fundamental reason for the widespread misunderstanding caused by the deletion of this account),” the post read. “The individual associated with this account has no actual connection with MEXC Official.”

In an effort to avoid a reoccurrence of an event like this, the crypto exchange revealed it had removed all tweets interacting with the MEXC_CEO account. Additionally, it plans to make public announcements when there are significant changes to employees and personnel involved with the exchange.

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