Genshin Impact players want Traveler buffs and customization options

Genshin Impact Players want significant Traveler buffs and customization options after spending years exploring Teyvat as the protagonist. The Traveler gains new powers with each region traversed Genshin Impactbut players believe that HoYoverse has yet to realize the character’s combat potential.

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Genshin Impacts The mysterious protagonist is separated from his twin siblings and wakes up in Teyvat’s Mondstadt region. Although players give a name to the protagonist right at the beginning Genshin Impact, most characters in the game simply refer to her as the Traveler. The Traveler meets Paimon after fishing for the next meal, and the two characters become friends in a relatively short time. Genshin Impacts The beloved duo head to the capital city of Mondstadt to find clues about the Traveler’s sibling, and the quest takes them to different regions around the world, such as Liyue and Sumeru. The traveler’s eventful journey attracts the attention of the Fatui and Abyss Orders, mysterious antagonistic groups who have ties to the protagonist’s sibling.

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Genshin Impact Players desire multiple improvements to the Traveler and new customization options, as official lore has it that the protagonist becomes significantly stronger with each element gained. While the Traveler can cycle through various items, the Traveler’s base stats and customization features haven’t been significantly adjusted or changed since launch. Additionally, players must go to a Statue of the Seven to switch the Traveler’s element as there is no element switch option in the pause menu. Reddit user Minette21 believes that the Traveler should be able to use multiple elements in gameplay since then Genshin Impacts The main story cutscenes suggest that the character is able to switch elements seamlessly.

Genshin Impact The characters Lisa and Ayaka received new costumes earlier this year, but the Traveler has not yet received a new costume. Minette21 and colleagues Genshin Impact Players want hair and clothing customization features for the Traveler, as these new options would allow them to personalize the main character at their discretion. Reddit user NS401 suggests that HoYoverse should introduce new Traveler outfits for each region players have explored so far. However, many players believe that the Traveler will not receive any buffs or outfits, since the priority of the development team seems to be completely new characters.

Buffs and customization options for the traveler could lead to more incentives Genshin Impact Players can use the protagonist in events and endgame activities, including the weekly Spiral Abyss domain. An item swap option in the pause menu can also be beneficial Genshin Impact as this would reduce the need for players to revisit the Statues of the Seven in distant regions.

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 will expand the world of Teyvat even further as players travel to Fontaine for the first time. Players will encounter new characters and Fatui heralds throughout the main story, and HoYoverse will likely host a special program to reveal more new details in the near future.

Genshin Impact is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development, a release date has not yet been confirmed.

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