Day One PS Plus Extra game gets update

A game available to Extra Tier members of PlaystationPlus received a new update on the first day, as patch 1.07 for humanity is live now. PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers can play new games every month as Sony regularly updates the catalog of titles.

Sony is also adding some games as day-one releases on PS Plus, allowing members to play those titles when they’re released at no additional cost. As an an example, stray was added as a Day One PS Plus Extra and Premium game in 2022, with Tchia And humanity Start early this year. Now, humanity has just received a new update that adds some new features and gameplay elements to the title.

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As reported by Push Square, update 1.07 for humanity is now available on all platforms and the developer has released a short video with an overview of the new aspects. It adds machines to the stage builder humanity, giving players access to even more tools and gameplay mechanics when creating levels. In addition, it includes fixes for a number of issues, including issues that previously prevented players from using their mouse to select levels. Also fixed as part of this update was an issue preventing users from getting the Wonderdog achievement.

humanity was released in May 2023 as a Day One PS Plus Extra release along with a number of other notable games. The full list is included Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs: Legion, dishonored 2and more, with titles like Siphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow And pursuit force available for premium subscribers.

While Sony sometimes adds games to PS Plus Extra and Premium on day one, first-party titles often take a year or two to appear. Sony recently reiterated its stance on PS Plus games from day one, stating that the current strategy of adding games to PS Plus later in their lifecycle will continue going forward. So fans don’t get access to first-party AAA games on day one, but can sometimes play new indie titles at launch.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members will get more games in July 2023 as Sony updates the catalog in just a few days. PS Plus Extra members can play It takes two, Sniper Elite 5, The climb, Undertale, World War Zand more that Premium users can also access Gravity crash wearable, Bent metalAnd Twisted metal 2.

Humanity Update 1.07 patch notes


  • [ALL] Machines have arrived at STAGE CREATOR! Now you can create stages that incorporate mechanics from the final sequence of HUMANITY’S STORY MODE. Navigate to the MACHINES tab of the palette to find Turrets, Drones, Missile Units, and Lasers.
  • [ALL] Machines, others, and even humans (including gates) can be set as blue targets that must be destroyed to trigger an event or events in your stage, much like flipping a switch. Select an “Other/People” group or a machine and select “CONNECT TARGET” in the context menu. Then select the elements to be activated or connect them with a tandem link switch. When playing on stage, a blue light appears over these units.
  • [ALL] The COSMOS environment (seen at the end of HUMANITY’S STORY MODE) is now available as a theme option for your creations.


  • [PS5] Posts on social media are now tagged with the hashtag #HUMANITYgame when using the PS5’s built-in sharing features.
  • [STEAM] Added additional support for VR MODE on PCs with AMD graphics cards. This should fix ghosting issues experienced by users with AMD cards. However, if these issues persist, please submit a support ticket.
  • [ALL] Modified FANS to make it easier to tell if they are on or off.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug where pushing pushable blocks off the top of a diagonal slope didn’t cause them to slide down.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug in STORY MODE that prevented players from using the mouse to select sections or switch between sequences.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug in STORY MODE where the player’s music selection was forgotten when retrying a stage.
  • [ALL] We believe we have fixed a bug in STORY MODE where the trophy/achievement “Wonderdog” could not be obtained after completing all seven challenges. Please submit a support ticket if the issue persists.
  • [ALL] In USER LEVELS, fixed an issue where the Goldy acquisition sound effect would play incorrectly during a loading screen after completing a level.
  • [ALL] Fixed an issue in USER STAGES that occurred when inserting line breaks in the search field.
  • [ALL] In USER STAGES, the sort settings are now preserved when returning to the search results after playing a stage.
  • [ALL] In STAGE CREATOR, the cursor turns into an X when trying to place a block where it cannot be placed.
  • [ALL] Fixed a phenomenon in STAGE CREATOR where the data size of a stage was not updated when a switch was deleted.
  • [ALL] Fixed a bug in STAGE CREATOR that prevented a glass wall element from being moved when a climbing wall was attached to it.
  • [ALL] Various adjustments and fixes.

humanity is available for PC, PS4, PS5 and PS VR.

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Source: Humanity, Push Square

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