Cleavering Destiny 2’s excessive monetization with a cleaver

We’re still caught up in last week’s big video of Aztecross, which turned Bungie’s monetization of Destiny upside down for years. Over time it’s slowly but surely grown to the point that this is one of the games that sells the widest range of AAA rated content I’ve ever seen, even if it’s things like loot boxes and gacha mechanics be avoided.

I think it’s time to seriously consider scaling back Bungie’s monetization of and within Destiny 2, a supposedly free-to-play game that’s free-to-try at best. Yes I want Bungie to make money, yes I want Destiny 2 to survive and create great new content. But yes, I generally believe that current monetization avenues are putting people off the game, whether it’s game packs or store items.


Maybe this is all too far together, but I’ll just grab an ax here and start chopping up whatever I think is overkill.

Abandoned pack – dead. Forsaken was released almost five years ago. Make Last Wish and Shattered Throne free and throw all exotics (including some must-haves) into the general pool.

shadow fortress – Free. This is part of what I think Bungie should do with expansions that they claim are no longer being discontinued. To ensure the game continues to receive free content and no longer asks players to buy more and more to catch up, expansions should be made available for free on an ongoing basis. Shadowkeep should now be free, while Beyond Light, Witch Queen, and Lightfall remain paid. Next year Beyond Light will be free etc.

stasis – Free it from Beyond Light. An entire subclass four years old shouldn’t be trapped behind a single random expansion for that long. Strand is well tied to Lightfall for now, but should be released at some point.


dungeon pass – One idea here is to slightly increase the cost of seasons and have these dungeons built right into them. But since they’re only available two seasons a year, that’s difficult, and besides, the seasonal prices have gone up anyway. I think they should definitely be included in the seasons, but if that’s going too far the dungeons should at least be purchasable separately instead of paying an extra $10 for a dungeon, in two seasons you might not be to be there for once more. But I don’t like the way that has evolved at all, especially since dungeons are now, and often are, fully integrated into seasonal themes and storylines preferably Part of the seasons they technically don’t belong to.

armor ornaments – Optimize those prices. There’s no reason why these new collaboration sets should cost more than regular ornament sets. They look good, all the ornaments look pretty good, but there’s just no real reason for the difference other than to see how far they can go.


event passes – This has always been a bad idea and now it has done something I hate, which is locking individual shaders, often good ones, behind a $10 cap when maybe nothing else is in the package you actually want is (and it almost never is). events are already Since the Event Pass is mostly about selling cosmetics to players and not gameplay, it’s just overkill.

transmog – One of my least favorite ideas in history. Shouldn’t be sold at all. I’m also over the seasonal hype on this and want a regular Diablo 4 “if you get it, you can use it as a transmog” concept. This still means people pay for seasons and get two ornament sets there to transmog instead of spending earned or paid transmog to convert the seasonal base armor set. This should never have been monetized.


Deepsight Activators – Be sure to get these from the Battle Pass. In general, I don’t agree with the Fate Sells Power move that’s only based on Exotic Engrams or Ascendant Shards, whatever that is, but for those to be in the Battle Pass, halfway to the free range, is preposterous. They should all be earnable and not have a bad stacking system that makes you have to spend them all in a single season.

If you ask me, these are the main contributors to Destiny’s excessive monetization. Open to others or suggestions on this, but that’s what I think of the current setup.

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