According to a study, celebrities who cheat are more likely to commit sex crimes

New research has found an increased likelihood of criminal sexual behavior among celebrities who cheat on their partners. The results, published in sexuality and culturesuggest that unresolved sexual frustration can manifest itself in harmful celebrity behaviors. Despite the extensive media coverage of celebrity sexual behavior, there is a lack of comprehensive criminological studies that systematically … Read more

Your students can unveil a hidden signal about their brain function: ScienceAlert

The way your students respond to light exercise could shed some light on whether you’re reaping one of the most important benefits of exercise – the cognitive boost that comes with improved mood and leadership. Researchers in Japan monitored the pupil size of 24 participants during 10 minutes of light exercise and then used neuroimaging … Read more

What the Supreme Court’s decision to hear the Purdue Pharma case means

The Supreme Court announced Thursday that it would stay a bankruptcy deal for Purdue Pharma, which would donate billions of dollars to those injured by the opioid epidemic, in exchange for shielding members of the wealthy Sackler family from further opioid-related lawsuits would be protected. The settlement between Purdue, the maker of prescription pain reliever … Read more