The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a very cold winter in Canada – where it will snow the most

Winter may not officially begin until Wednesday December 21, 2023, but people across much of Canada will have experienced cold temperatures before that date. To help Canadians and anyone planning to travel there with their planning, the peasant almanac has released The BRRR Is Back! – its winter weather forecast 2023/2024 for Canada. “After a … Read more

A strange world full of organisms lives inside you, but not in the way you think: ScienceAlert

Inside your gut is a whole world made up of mostly harmless microbes that live in the gastrointestinal tract. Dubbed the gut microbiome, this dazzling collection of bacteria and other microorganisms has garnered a lot of attention – it’s been linked to a variety of health conditions, from autism spectrum disorders and diabetes to depression, … Read more

Players who send “silly threats” to Harada regarding the Tekken 8 roster have a bigger impact than you think

Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada has opened up about the impact of trolling, revealing that even “silly threats” affect “everyone” in the fighting game community. In a lengthy tweet earlier this week, Harada expressed his frustration at some of the messages he received and included an image of a message that threatened to “hit.” [him] … Read more

America’s growing debt mountain in 5 charts

There is a storm of private and public debt problems headed for the market. Warning signs have surfaced in the form of rising credit card balances, payment defaults, and other indicators. Here are the signs that the US is struggling with debt-related problems. Is loading Something is loading. Thanks for registering! Access your favorite topics … Read more

Webb telescope discovers cosmic question mark in space

Editor’s note: Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN — A cosmic object in the shape of a glowing question mark has photobombed one of the latest images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – and scientists think they know what … Read more

Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum Considers Toning Down Its ‘Electrical Openness’

The Mutter Museum, a 19th-century collection of medical trivia and mysteries at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, draws up to 160,000 visitors each year. Among the anatomical and pathological specimens on display are skulls corroded by syphilis; spines twisted by rickets; skeletons deformed by corsets; microcephalic fetuses; a two-headed baby; a bound foot from … Read more

In the midst of preseason, Notre Dame is poised to turn its attention to Navy and Dublin

Notre Dame and Navy aren’t starting the college football season for two weeks, but the Irish will begin preparing the midshipmen after the final two weeks of preseason training. “The actual physical portion of fall camp is over,” head coach Marcus Freeman said Saturday. The Navy’s triple-option offensive is a nuisance no matter when confronted … Read more

Drop’s BMR1 near-field monitors are ideal computer speakers

The Drop BMR1 nearfield monitors make excellent desktop speakers for a computer or smartphone. fall Audio brand Drop, recently acquired by accessories brand Corsair, has begun shipping its recently announced Drop BMR1 nearfield monitors. These column speakers are designed to be used with computers for work and play, whether you’re listening to music while typing … Read more