Filson Indiana Jones Collection

scouted selects products independently. If you buy something through our posts, we may receive a small commission. When Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones first hit the big screen in 1981 Hunter of the lost treasureAudiences around the world knew that a captivating character had been created, and it’s no wonder Jones has been portrayed in numerous … Read more

Faced with bigotry, black mothers are more likely to reject the advice of doctors and look elsewhere for health care information

The long history of racism and sexism in healthcare gives black mothers good reason to be wary of medical facilities and doctors. Regardless of their education or economic status, these women continue to face far higher maternal mortality rates than other ethnic groups. Racial health inequalities of this type are widespread. As a result, Black … Read more

A tour of Boston’s top five oyster bars with Chef Michael Serpa

(Image credit: Stan Tess/Alamy) From Black Lamb to Row 34, the renowned Boston seafood chef and restaurateur recommends where travelers should enjoy the best oysters in town. B Boston is synonymous with seafood. Lobster, clams and fish are hauled out of the water and served to diners within hours, and the Union Oyster House, which … Read more

Kate Middleton fought for “memories may vary” in her post-Oprah statement.

royalist is The Daily Beast’s newsletter for all things royal and royal family. Subscribe to Here to get it in your inbox every Sunday. It was Kate Middleton who insisted that the famous phrase “memories may vary” be left in Buckingham Palace’s official response to claims of racial insensitivity by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle … Read more

Manchester City Betting Preview

The wait for Manchester City is finally over! They completed the treble. Not only did they win the 2022-23 Premier League title and the FA Cup, they also defeated Inter Milan and won the Champions League. It’s been a sweet season for Pep Guardiola and company. Now they head into the new season with much … Read more

Study results show that breathing helps synchronize neural activity in cognitive areas of the waking brain

New research published in Scientific Reports suggests that breathing plays a crucial role in coordinating brain activity in the prefrontal brain network during wakefulness. The findings provide new insights into the link between breathing and cognitive processing, and could have important implications for meditative practices that involve controlled breathing. Previous studies have shown that breathing … Read more

The best soundbars in 2023

Frequently asked questions about the soundbar best buy Are Soundbars Really Worth It? A soundbar is a worthwhile purchase if you don’t have the space or budget for traditional speakers. Soundbars can’t quite match the experience that the best home theater systems offer, but they’re a practical and often cheaper alternative that still gives your … Read more

Remote Auto Delivery is making big strides in Las Vegas

The Halo Driver controls a vehicle remotely using a special console gloriole Two companies are making strides in using long-distance driving in Las Vegas to deliver cars to customers who will drive them. While the cars have some basic self-driving capabilities to handle special situations, they instead primarily rely on human drivers and redundant 4G … Read more