2023 MLB Draft Scores, Live updates on first-round picks as Paul Skenes and Dylan Crews sit 1-2

Major League Baseball’s 2023 draft begins with the first two rounds Sunday night in Seattle. The Pittsburgh Pirates picked LSU star pitcher Paul Skenes as the No. 1 pick. The 2023 MLB Draft is a 20-round, three-day affair with rounds 3-10 on Monday and rounds 11-20 on Tuesday. Here’s how to watch.

CBS will release grades for all first-round picks as they come in.

First round selection, grades

#1. Pirates: Paul Skenes, P, LSU – Skenes was considered the best pitcher in his class thanks to his power arsenal and impressive year at LSU (knocking out 48% of the batters he faced in SEC play). We’re giving this pick a “B” rather than an “A” for one main reason: Picking a #1 pitcher overall is incredibly risky. That the opportunity cost here means not having to use a highly skilled positional player increases the potential disadvantage. Still, one can understand why the Pirates were so in love with Skenes that they made him their choice. Grade B

#2 Internationals: Dylan Crews, OF, LSU – Crews was considered the best player overall in the draft. The Nationals should be thrilled to pick him at No. 2. He’s a household name, a former potential first-round pick as a high school student who has performed well in several seasons in the SEC. The Crews’ biggest fans see him bragging about ’70s percussion and power tools. Those predictions will almost certainly prove overzealous, but he has a chance to become a plus hitter soon. Grade: A

No. 3 Tigers: Max Clark, CF, Franklin Community HS (IN) – Clark, who was rumored to have been considered for No. 1 pick all summer, often draws comparisons to Cubs contender Pete Crow-Armstrong. He’s a surefire midfielder with a strong arm. He also has real offensive advantages thanks to the above-average shot speed on the left side. One got the impression that Clark had a bigger error bar on his racquet than the other three outfielders at the front of the pack, though he’s also the most certain of them all to offer secondary value. Grade B

#4 Rangers: Wyatt Langford, OF, Fla — Langford would have been a good finish at #1 most years, so getting him #4 is a huge advantage. He is a potential mid-level hitter who was able to pitch SEC (.350/.484/.720 with a walk less than strikeout). He boasts sneaky athleticism and a veteran scout guessed he only had one chance to stay in the middle during his big league days. So don’t be surprised if the Rangers take a close look at him there. Grade: A

#5 Twins: Walker Jenkins, OF, South Brunswick HS (NC) – Jenkins showed he had fully recovered from the fractured hamate he sustained last summer. He is a robust left-hander who has to go into the corner as a pro. That’s fine, because at the end of the day, there’s a chance he’ll have raw power well above average. Jenkins was considered safer to hit than Clark by scouts, although the latter certainly offers greater defensive and baserunning stats. Grade B

No. 6 Athletics: Jacob Wilson, SS, Grand Canyon – Wilson has been linked with the A’s all summer, so this comes as no surprise. His father was a longtime big league shortstop with a very good glove. The concern with this Wilson – and the reason we ranked him 22nd – is his racquet. He was the hardest varsity player to beat this season, but his exit rate was well below what one would expect or expect from a top 10 pick. That doesn’t mean he can’t develop into a quality player; It just significantly reduces his error rate. Grade: D

No. 7 Reds: Rhett Lowder, P, Wake Forest – Lowder is a polished right-hander with four solid to good pitches and good control. Some reviewers who spoke to CBS Sports ahead of the draft preferred Chase Dollander and Hurston Waldrep, two right-handers with higher caps. Still, Lowder has arguably the most stable bottom of the three. His arsenal has already been optimized in Wake Forest and he should move quickly through the system provided he stays healthy. Degree: B

CBS Sports will also provide running commentary throughout the first night and provide instant scores for each first round selection. Follow the instructions below.

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